Women Empowering Change

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"It is my hope that each person walks away with both intangible and tangible treasures that will empower them to take the next step to achieving their goals." Shunte

Motivational speaker, Shunte Gamble is dedicated to inspiring those within her reach. She's known best for hosting her Fundraising for Hope Events and as a speaker at conferences in the Greater Houston area. She has appeared on both television and radio as an advocate for community support, and has established herself as a host and speaker that listeners can trust.
Her stories connect. Her insight empowers. Her viewpoint inspires.

It is Shunte's mission to interject fun, hands on learning, and inspiration into each conference to see those learning engaged and enlightened.

Being an educator, I have the opportunity to see firsthand how information expands the minds of those learning and the positive effects and habits that follow. It is my mission to interject fun, hands on learning, and inspiration into each speaking session to see those learning engaged and enlightened.

Most Popular Type of Events Include:
-Women's Conferences & Retreats

-Professional & Interpersonal Workshops/Seminars

-Women's Luncheons

-Fundraising Event Hosting

Below are some of Shunte's most popular presentations. Feel free to CONTACT us and email Shunte with any specific questions.

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Success is a Mindset

Shunte understands that the desire to be successful has a HUGE impact on how business professionals tend to view their progress. She also knows, that many are more successful than they realize. Although we cannot control every aspect of life, we can reform our thinking. Success is a mindset and this presentation will help attendees align their thinking and understand how patience is key to seeing the success their working to achieve.

Some of the Major Points Covered in this Presentation Include: 
1. Know your value and your potential
2. Know your "why"
3. Have a plan but be flexible

4. Learn your craft; Sharpen your skills
5. Stay patient while you preserve

Event Hosting

Shunte is full of energy once you put a mic in her hand.
Her presence produces smiles, her speaking captivates, and her love of supporting great causes emanates.

Type of Hosting Events:
-Launch Parties
-Fundraisers such as Gala's, Health & Wellness Events, Beauty Events
-Women Focused Events
-Networking Events
*Shunte does not host club events.

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