Women Empowering Change

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Impact for Change Institute™ Courses

Summer 2018


Course Name: emPOWERment- 5 Keys of Leveraging Power


Join us for 1 POWERful seminar focusing on the 5 principles of leveraging power and Team Building. Engage in our Power Talk conversation. Come ready to be empowered and leave ready to tackle the next steps of your vision!

Network with local professionals who are all about building relationships and cultivating partnerships.


In this Master Class participants will learn how to apply the 5 principles of power in their lives.


Date(s): June 9th AM & PM Sessions

Location: TBA

Registration: $7

MASTERING SELF | Intrapersonal Growth

Course Name: The Art of Being U!


Deep down we are all searching for the pieces of us that make us complete in who we are. Yet many of us struggle as the search deepens inwardly or we abort the process prematurely. Unresolved issues, unforgiveness, and wounds from our past can keep us operating in cycles that only lead us back to the places where are greatest struggle remain.


In this Master Class participants will learn how to discover their authentic self, build skills that creates a healthy self-esteem, and work through unresolved issues.


Key Topics:

Inner You

You vs Others


Date(s): June 2018

Location: TBA

Registration: $15


YES iCAN Academy™ Youth Courses

Course Code: CL01

Camp Name: Y.E.S. Club


Vision: Cultivating life-long learners into leaders.

Mission: To provide a learning environment that fosters the development of each student’s learning style and personality. iCAN Academy goal is to offer a safe atmosphere where each student feels loved, valued, and accepted. To cultivate life longer learners into leaders.


Grade Levels: 4th-6th Graders


Social Development

Community Involvement


Team Building

Skill Building (Cooking, Tech, Crafting, etc.)


End of Camp Achievement Ceremony


3 Summer Sessions (July)

Location: TBA

Registration: $50

Camp Fee: $100 per session
Camp Inclusions: T-shirt, Snack (daily), Activity Materials, Achievement Ceremony Admission