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Books & Brunch Club

Join us for Brunch and great conversations! 

How it works:

-Authors submit their book to us using the form below. 

-We will vote on the book to read.

-A link will be provided to purchase the book from the author. 

-We will read the book and positively discuss our own take-aways over brunch.

The Purpose: 

-Get/Keep us reading! 

-Support authors.

Click below the join as a Boks & Brunch reader PLUS
Get access to purchase the Featured Book & tickets to brunch! 

Featured Books

Author: Keisha Robinson 

Book: She Dared to Dream; Her Journey to Purpose

Genre: Christian Inspiration, Self Empowerment 

Book Bio: She has overcome and brings awareness to domestic violence, verbal/emotional/mental/sexual abuse. She has served low-self esteem notice of eviction and kicked it out!! She found breakthrough hidden within brokenness! Freedom in forgiveness. She's discovered and reclaimed her TRUE identity, self-worth, self-love, and purpose! She realized she was an eagle not a chicken! She cooked Kei Kei, him and them a chicken dinner and said, "This is goodbye, may the Lord watch between you and me." Dare to Dream....Journey with me.

Author: Dorian Marie Watson

Book: Finish It: Memoir of Finding My Music, My Truth, and My True Love

Genre: Love, Spirituality, Self-Help

Book Bio: Finish It: Memoir of Finding My Music, My Truth, and My True Love is about the author’s three-year awakening which takes her from a life of legalistic religion to a more spiritual life, as well as from singing just faith-based music to singing all genres. Dorian also goes through the difficult journey of opening her heart again to love after extreme heartache and learning what it means to date as an adult for the first time at 37.

Author: Shuwana Leonard

Book: The Mothers Call of Duty: A 30-Day Praying Mothers Devotional

Genre: Spiritual, Devotional

Book Bio: There is a war going on. The intent is to destroy the hearts, minds, and lives of our children. But like a SOLDIER IN ANY ARMY, we as Mothers must gear up and be ready to fight and protect what is ours. Many children are lost, broken, hurting, and confused. But, Jesus is still the Light and Hope who will bring restoration, healing, and salvation! Our children are NOT a lost cause. Covering our children is necessary, and we must remain vigilant. This devotional is uplifting and a call for initiating a lifetime commitment to always be Praying Mothers! 

Submissions Close February 1st.

Terms & Conditions: 

Book Features- Submitted books will be featured on the Books & Brunch page (w/short bio), WEC FB Group page, and in the WEC Newsletter (Over 1.8K Subscribers).

Selected Books- Hyperlink will be added to the book voted to read. Book will be included in the Autor's Zone article in our 2020 Edition of BBU! Magazine.

Authors- Non WEC Members & The Insider Members must submit a $25 donation per submitted book. WEC does not guarantee the number of books purchased. 

Book Purchases- All authors are responsible for shipping books to buyers in a timely manner to ensure time to read before our brunch.  WEC is not responsible for any transactions made between book sellers and buyers. 

Rights- WEC reserves the right to deny any books for any reason. In this case, a refund will be made to the submitter.