Women Empowering Change

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2019 BBU! Magazine Cover Contestants

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Shacolby Shentell

Company: Shacolby Shentell
"I’m moving off faith and I will continue to do so. I am my brand. I’m an artist. What sets me apart is my love for people. I get to develop new relationships, try to bring a smile and laughter to one’s face. I’m proud of pursuing my dreams and not letting fear prevail."

Collette Conner

Company: Purposed to Succeed

"I am an Author who seeks to inspire, encourage and empower single parents globally through my writing and speaking. I believe through innovative programs, education and increased partnerships 0their impact on society and families could be that much more effective."

 Jessie & Keandra Upson

Company: Ignited Swag Clothing Line

" Our goal is to gain territory for the Kingdom of God in an unorthodox way by utilizing our business to reach all sorts of individuals around the world. To be able to motivate, encourage, and ignite individuals daily through our clothing line."

Diana N. Patterson

Company: DNP Productions

Within the last year I launched my first literary Composition; Everything Grows in the Valley. I have used my platform to empower and inspire men and women to become the best version of themselves. I aspire to use the arts as a platform to inspire and empower the multitudes through entertainment, coaching, and speaking.

Tameka Martin

Company: Unyielding Realty Group

I pride myself as being an agent of change and a lifelong learner. I am currently a doctoral student, educator, and entrepreneur but most importantly I am a child of the Most High God, Jesus is my Lord and Savior, a Wife, and Mother of two beautiful daughters. My mission is to use the good gifts that God has given be to live my life on purpose daily!


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